It is always an honor and a humbling experience to receive positive feedback about Control The Beast or any of our Kingdom-related initiatives. Last night, we were delighted to hear a heartwarming story. 

Several months ago, we organized a three-part Control The Beast event on Wednesday evenings at a church only an hour's drive from Dallas. We taught different topics from the book, and the event was a great success, with many attendees and a profound impact on people's lives. 

Last night, during a particular celebration service at the same church, a young man who had taken part in the Control The Beast event approached me. He told me that he had given a copy of the book to his psychologist, and a few weeks later, the psychologist mentioned that he had read the book and found it incredibly insightful. In fact, he now uses the book to teach his clients! 

The young man was thrilled to share this story with me, particularly considering that the psychologist is not a religious man. Nevertheless, he was impressed by the book's content. 

I am humbled by the impact that Control The Beast is having, and I give all the glory to God for what He has done through it. 

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