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on 6/14/2023 The No Nonsense Conversations We Need

This podcast has helped me reflect on areas of my life I’m not fond of but didn’t leave me in the guilt and shame feelings once I came to terms with my emotional struggles. It’s helped me move forward in a practical no nonsense way, taking responsibility, and helped me lean deeper into my relationship with Christ who has been with me every step of the way. It’s also equipped me to help others and offer this podcast as a resource! I’m so thankful for your families testimony, passion, and care to provide this podcast as tool to overcome emotional obstacles. Blessings to you and your family!
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on 12/22/2022 Great Apostolic Radio

Pastor Ed Snyder sounds like the apostolic Paul Harvey. The world will only give you a piece of the Chronicles of Christ. If you want to be apostolic, listen to True North Nation to get the rest of the story. Great content.
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on 5/16/2022 Top tier podcast

Thank you for putting out this quality of content. We need more of this in the world. God bless!
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on 5/5/2021 Good stuff

Such an encouraging message! Thankful for hearing about this podcast while listening to Kingdom Speak. Thank you for tapping into God’s heart to help His people. Keep casting till He comes! Kpopec
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on 2/16/2021 Thought Provoking

This is the Host of True North Podcast. I wanted to get our ratings off to a start. We sre working really hard at producing a good thought provoking podcast. Listen in and give us your feedback.
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