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In today's episode, we discuss chapter four of our book, Control the Beast, Mr. Beastie's Game. 

Those of you with siblings or more than one child in the home will relate. If you grew up with multiple children in the house, and one of you did something wrong, it's always the other one's fault! Am I right? I'm sure everyone can remember one of these instances, if not several. When raising our two children, if something went wrong. I would  ask one of them, "Did you do this?" If they said "no," I went to the other child and asked the same question. What do you think was their response? They would say (you guessed it), "No!" It was then I realized it; we surely had a third child in the house somewhere! These are some of the woes of raising children.

Sadly, people go into adulthood without proper training, never learning to own up to what they have done, and never correcting the bad behavior. The problem at this level is an out-of-control adult who never grows up to take responsibility can reign terror in a home and relationships across the board. 

As we listen to this podcast, we will learn how to stop playing games with the beast and create a better life and a closer relationship with others and, more so, with God. 

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