Show Notes

In today's episode, we do a 30 minute deep dive into identifying and defusing negative emotions. We give you a nine stepper in how to accomplish that. 
Anger is an authoritative energy source. A lot can change for the good if you redirect anger appropriately. At times it's just the loud shouting matches and the exchange of negative statements. Other times it is manifested or unleashed in devastating violence. It can be disastrous. Take a real close look at the damage done to property and relationships, money for the legal fees, retribution, medical bills, damage done to vital human connections, and the time wasted in the confrontations, and it becomes a costly business. Another thought we need to consider is for us to function in a civilized society; it is an absolute necessity for us to control or manage our emotions, especially anger.

To be very honest, this is extremely important to those closest to us because they always catch our wrath when they don't deserve it. In other words, we still hurt the ones we shouldn't hurt at all.

So dive in and take notes on this one; it will help you...a lot, I promised!

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