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You have heard the saying, "Teamwork makes the dream work."

You can accomplish success on your own. However, so much more can be achieved when a team is involved and at a faster rate. A team is your support group, your cheerleaders, and your accountability partners. Your team will celebrate your victories. Who is your team? Your family, close friends, loved ones that care about you. Here are some significant words from the Bible about the worth of valuable friends.

In today's episode, you will find the answer to the following questions...
What is relationship value?
Why Are Healthy Relationships So meaningful?
What are the 10 Things To Hold More Important in A Relationship than Love?

All right here. This is covering chapter ten of our new book called Control the Beast. There is so much material that we are splitting the chapter into two episodes. Next week we will cover Nine Levels of Relationships and How to Handle Toxic People. So make sure you subscribe/Follow on any of the listening platforms. 

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