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In dealing with our negative emotions, we need to scrutinize our surrounding relationships. Again, each of us is a product of our environment. Remember, our root environment (impressionable years of childhood and adolescence) has everything to do with forming the person we are now. 

Relationships impact us. Healthy relationships foster positive emotions. There are several things you can do to understand the different levels of involvement. For example, if you try to develop a working relationship and a best friend category simultaneously, is this feasible? Actually, you should prepare the working relationship first, and only then can it organically grow to best friend status. The same principle applies when you try to fix a toxic relationship. It is highly unlikely this will happen. Unless tremendous amounts of healing take place, you continuously cycle through poison and pain. 

This is another "Don't Miss Episode" as we take chapter ten of the book Control the Beast, It Takes a Team to Control the Beast (Vital Relationships) into three episodes. 

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