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What Is Meditation? 

Eastern religions and New Age cults practice a mindless meditation form to discover what they believe to be a divinity hidden within themselves.  

Biblical meditation, however, is neither mindless nor self-centered. Biblical Meditation is reflective thinking with an application view. You think about God's ways and align your heart with His will and purpose. 

Here are the scriptures that Pastor Snyder mentioned in the podcast for your reading & meditation.
Meditate on God's Word...
• when facing opposition (see Psalm 119:42, 97, 98 )
• when dealing with oppression (see Psalm 119:78 )
• in times of crisis (see Psalm 119:23, 148 )
• to win over depression (see Psalm 77:11, 12 )
• when seeking God's will (see Psalm 119:10, 15 )
• to boost confidence (see Psalm 63:5-11 )
• when longing to please God (see Psalm 19:14; Psalm 104:34 )

God wants you to be successful in all that you do!
Here is a further great value is found in the discipline of meditation. Prosperity and
success are God's promised rewards (see Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:2, 3; 1 Timothy

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