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Sorry, but we live in a messed-up world. So many damaging events, lies, and stressful stuff that is happening. What is happening? Biblical prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes. Like it or not, it's happening.
 The question is, are you ready? Can you handle what is already here and what is coming? How strong is your relationship with God? When the actual pressure is applied, can you withstand it?
 In this episode, Pastor takes us further down the path of biblical meditation and The Five P's of Meditation. However, in this episode, he brings us to a call of action. A call to prayer, fasting, and deep meditation upon God's Word effectively deepening our relationship with God to handle what is coming.

Here are the scriptures that Pastor Snyder mentioned in the podcast for your reading & meditation.
Meditate on God's Word...
• when facing opposition (see Psalm 119:42, 97, 98 )
• when dealing with oppression (see Psalm 119:78 )
• in times of crisis (see Psalm 119:23, 148 )
• to win over depression (see Psalm 77:11, 12 )
• when seeking God's will (see Psalm 119:10, 15 )
• to boost confidence (see Psalm 63:5-11 )
• when longing to please God (see Psalm 19:14; Psalm 104:34 )

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