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Throughout Jesus’ life and ministry, He called peoples’ attention to various sins as he taught and guided us in what it truly means to love Him and to walk with Him. But during His ministry, did Jesus call out some sins more than others?

 As a disciple of Christ, we need to pay attention, not just to Jesus’ words, but what they reveal about His heart for us. Wherever He calls out sin, he points the way to something far greater than what the sin promises us. This is why it is so crucial to listen closely and respond to what Jesus emphasized in His teachings.

10 Sins Jesus Condemns Most Harshly is a must-listen-to get a good look at where we are and further develop our relationship with Christ and clean our lives up to alien ourselves with His teaching. Heaven is the goal.

The following are the scripture links that are mentioned throughout the podcast episode.

1. Selfishness Matthew 20:28 Mark 10:45 Matthew 20:25-28 Luke 16:19-31

2. Pride Luke 20:45-47 Luke 18:9-14

3. Unbelief Matthew 16:1-4

4. Hypocrisy Matthew 22:13-39

5. Greed Matthew 6:33 Mark 12:41-44

6. Unforgiveness Matthew 6:14-15 Matthew 18:21-35 Luke 23:34

7. Hatred John 13:34-35 Matthew 5:21-26

8. Disobedience Luke 11:28 John 14:15 Matthew 21:28-32 

9. Judging Others Luke 5:27-31 Matthew 7:1-6 James 4:12

10. Impurity Matthew 15:1-20 Mark 7:1-23 Psalms 139:23-24

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