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"Forgive and forget." What weight does this everyday phrase hold?

What do forgiveness and forgetting really mean?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the number one definition for forgiveness is to "stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake." And to forget is to: "fail to remember."

But these aren't static, objective words. They are words that require action, and they are subjective to the beholder.
 As you may know, Forgive and forget is an oft-repeated piece of advice with biblical origins. Although it might seem trite, there's a reason this little phrase still gets uttered so often. There's true wisdom in forgiving and forgetting. When someone really hurts you, you may question whether you want to forgive someone; it may, in fact, seem utterly unnatural. But there are many reasons why it's sometimes better to forgive and forget, even if part of you doesn't want to.

A must listen to help yourself and to help others.

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