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I'll never forget the moment when I realized that my negative, angry outlook as a teenager was holding me back from achieving happiness and success. It took a turning point in my life when I was newly married and a monumental journey of trial and error to gain emotional intelligence and truly understand who I am. Join me in this candid discussion about the challenges of confronting negative thoughts and self-talk and how we can replace the lies we tell ourselves with powerful, positive truths.

Does the idea of taking responsibility for your own decisions and emotions feel daunting? Trust me; I've been there. But as we explore the power of controlling the beast in the basement – with help from the must-read book Control the Beast – we'll learn how to manage our emotions even in the most stressful environments. Discover the life-changing impact of confronting your true identity, breaking the cycle of negative thinking, and ultimately, finding freedom and happiness in your own life. You don't want to miss this transformative conversation!

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