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Welcome to a special 4th of July episode of True North Nation, where we're celebrating freedom in all its forms! As your host, Pastor Ed Snyder, I promise to guide you through a journey of exploring the beautiful liberties we enjoy here in the United States, as well as the freedom bestowed upon us through Jesus Christ. We'll illuminate the concept of liberty and address the shackles many still bear, emphasizing the promise that Jesus's sacrifice brings – freedom from sin when we align ourselves with God.

Our exploration of freedom takes us into the heart of Galatians 5, where we dissect the power of choice and liberation from sin. Walk with me as we appreciate Christ's sacrifice for our transgressions and the ensuing liberation repentance brings. We acknowledge the cross as our emblem of freedom, much like the Statue of Liberty signifies the freedom of our nation. With enlightening conversations lined up with Brother Matt Tuttle, Brother Michael Watts, and Brother Greg Wheeler, we'll delve into the importance of consciously treading the path of righteousness and debunk the devil's deception, empowering us to stay on our path to our true north. Join us for this illuminating journey – find your freedom, find your destination!

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Ed Snyder

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