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What if you held the key to unlocking your full potential? How could a growth journal transform your life? At True North Nation (TNN), we're thrilled to announce our new series: Destined to Grow. We're all about helping you become the person God intended you to be. We're revealing ways to ignite your latent talents, and we're making the case for keeping a growth journal. We're talking about incorporating everything we learn into our daily lives to bring about real change. And the cherry on top? We're now coming to you three times a week with fresh, invigorating content!

Let's shift the focus to the personal growth plans. Did you know that a well-crafted plan can be your ticket to overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals? We're walking you through five essential questions to help you strategize and tear down barriers. We're also discussing the power of individual responsibility and the influence we can wield in our unique world and looking for more insights.

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