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Imagine standing on the edge of a high cliff, looking into the distance at where you want to go, but there is a gap you need to cross. It can be scary, can't it? Well, that's precisely what personal growth can feel like. In this episode, we will discuss the idea of "growth gap traps" and how they could hinder us from reaching our potential and aligning with God's plans. We will draw wisdom from a closer look at Ecclesiastes 10:13-14 from the Bible. If you've been feeling stuck, waiting for motivation, or too scared to make a mistake, this episode is meant to nudge you towards intentional growth and setting achievable goals.

What's scarier than a gap? The fear of being judged by others. In the second half of our conversation, we address this fear head-on and explore how it can impede us from accomplishing our goals and following God's plans. Sometimes, we get so caught up in this fear that we disregard the advice of our mentors, families, and pastors. We will delve deeper into trusting these voices despite the distractions around us.

Furthermore, we pose a challenging question to you - which emotion is more potent: the desire to change and grow or the fear of success pushing others away? Join us as we challenge these assumptions, gain more wisdom, and explore the timing of our growth journey. Buckle up; this is not just a podcast episode; it's a voyage towards intentional personal and spiritual growth.

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