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Ever wondered if the journey you're on truly aligns with your purpose, passion and God's plan for you? Are you battling questions about whether your dreams are achievable? Let's toss out those doubts and embark on a transforming journey of self-discovery together. We'll guide you on embracing self-acceptance, delving into the Law of Awareness, and aligning your aspirations with God’s divine blueprint.

Join us as we share the inspiring story of Bobby, a man who dared to dream big and aspire to be the announcer for the New York Giants! His passion and determination serve as a testament that dreams can indeed be achieved. We'll then unwrap valuable insights from John Maxwell's book, Put Your Dream to the Test, to help you gauge the feasibility of your dreams. We're also going to discuss the significance of understanding your values, establishing your priorities, and discerning the unique call God has for your life. And remember, pursuing your dreams might be a challenge, but with faith and trust in God, you'll find true contentment and joy. So, get ready to take that first step towards your true destination - it's time to live a life of fulfillment, not regret!

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