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Imagine taking a moment of pause amid the holiday rush to reflect and prepare for the future. That's what we're inviting you to do on this episode of True North Nation with Pastor Ed Snyder. Drawing inspiration from the word "sila" found in Psalms, we'll guide you on how to use reflection as a tool for growth - spiritually and otherwise. The wisdom you could gain from such practices may very well transform your outlook on life and your relationship with God.

Moving from reflection, we also explore how a paradigm shift and intentional growth can influence our lives. Buckle up for a powerful story from John Maxwell and his unique interaction with a group of business people in Ukraine - it's sure to make you rethink your approach to personal and spiritual growth. We also share a personal experience about public speaking and how reflection helped us connect better with our audience. Join us to learn about the transformative power of reflection and how you can use it to be an agent of change.

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Ed Snyder

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