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Ready to tune in to the frequency of divinity? On this compelling episode of True North Nation, we unpack the gravity of the calls that resonate in our lives, echoing from the divine. Join me, your host, Pastor Ed Snyder from Solid Rock Church in Irving, Texas, as we explore the various types of calls we hear and make in our daily lives. From the scriptures of 1 Peter and 2 Thessalonians, we underscore the paramount need to answer God's call without falling prey to distractions or regrets. 

Ever wondered what it means to recognize and respond to God's call? With a stirring analogy of a Native American discerning the sound of a cricket amidst the cacophony of Times Square, we illustrate the importance of attentive listening to God's call. We deliberate on the calling to be saints and disciples of Christ, drawing wisdom from Samuel's story. As we progress, we grapple with maintaining the equilibrium of loving others while stepping away from the shadows of worldly sin and darkness. We aim to kindle a spark within you, urging you to embrace your divine calling, understand your identity and purpose in the grand scheme, and separate yourself from worldly influences. Listen along as we guide you on this enlightening journey.

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Ed Snyder

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