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Picture this: you're on a journey, aiming for a target, and every step you take is measured with consistency and faithfulness. We dive into this in our 'Destined to Grow' series. Pastor Ed Snyder paints a vivid picture of this journey, drawing insights from his personal weight loss journey. We unpack the significance of being steady and true, not just in our daily lives but, most importantly, in our walk with God. Based on the foundations of scripture, we explore the rewards and blessings in store for the steadfast and loyal ones. And if you've been wondering how to master the small things to be entrusted with the big ones, we've got you covered.

Moving along, you'll discover how to nurture and expand in grace and knowledge. From acknowledging the value of knowledge, experience, coaching, Bible study, and corporate worship to appreciating the pastor's role in our lives - we discuss it all. The book of Ephesians serves as our guide, outlining essential steps and common pitfalls on the growth path. We look closer at ourselves by suggesting personality and spiritual gift assessments to uncover our strengths and show us where we can best serve in ministry. To wrap up, we delve into understanding the link between spiritual gifts and our personalities and how to use this understanding to fortify our faithfulness in our walk with God. We hope you join us on this journey and share the blessings you experience.

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Ed Snyder

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